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The council operates three cemeteries which are situated outside the borough: Hanwell, East Finchley and Mill Hill cemetery.

The City of Westminster operates three cemeteries which are situated outside the borough. The Parks Client team manages the service which is contracted to Continental Landscapes Limited.

Green Flag Award

Westminster cemeteries are highly rated. We are delighted that all three cemeteries have been awarded green flags. The flags were awarded for the management of the non-burial element of the cemeteries are seen as the gold standard for public spaces that are welcoming, safe and well maintained. 

Purchase of grave spaces

Grave spaces can be purchased for immediate or future burials or for the interment of ashes. Before you decide why not take a look at our list of cemeteries fees and charges.

More information

Find out more about our 3 cemeteries:

Westminster has also adopted the Charter for the Bereaved which covers the processes related to how burials are handled.

Services on offer

  • new grave spaces - you can purchase of grave spaces at any of the three cemeteries
  • re-interment - this can be done into an existing grave
  • cremated remains - this may be interred in a new or existing grave with the right to erect a permanent memorial.
  • chapel - this is available to use for funeral services with taped or live music
  • book interments 
  • obtain information from the cemetery records
  • seek advice
  • filming or photography
  • general enquiries

These can be arranged by contacting the Hanwell cemetery office by:

  • post: Head Office, 38 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, London W7 3PP
  • phone: 020 8567 0913
  • fax:020 8579 1750


If you have a complaint or other comments that you feel cannot be dealt with by the staff at our Hanwell office, you should contact our parks team. We are always happy to discuss your needs and requirements, or any comments you may have on the service you receive.

Denomination, religion or belief

The council's cemeteries are primarily for Christian burials but services are provided for all people no matter what denomination, religion or belief. Where possible any special requirements will be accommodated to ensure that each service is as individual and appropriate to the wishes of the deceased and relatives as possible.

Chapel opening times

The chapels are available for all funeral services between 9am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday and live or taped music may be played upon request.

Donated benches scheme

The council also permits under certain conditions the placing of donated benches near to identified grave plots. If you are considering donating a bench to one of the council's cemeteries please visit our donated benches scheme web page.

What we do not provide

We do not offer grave maintenance services but this can be arranged with a private contractor or through the cemetery office.

Opening hours

  Nov to Feb March to Oct
Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm 8:30am to 6pm
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays 11am to 4pm 11am to 6pm
Chapels - Mon to Fri 9am to 4.30pm  

Former City of Westminster-owned cemeteries

For information on burials or interments in the former Paddington cemetery in Willesden Lane you should contact London Borough of Brent which holds all the cemetery records.

Westminster Association of Relatives

This association exists to represent the views and concerns of all who have loved ones buried in any of the City of Westminster's three cemeteries and can be contacted on 020 7286 9299.

Published: 7 January 2021

Last updated: 30 March 2021