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Green Flag Awards

Find out about our award-winning parks and public spaces .

Green flag awards are seen as the gold standard for public spaces that are welcoming, safe and well maintained. They are awarded by Keep Britain Tidy.

Judging criteria

The park, garden or green space is usually judged against 8 criteria, which cover everything from access through to sustainability and marketing: 

  1. A welcoming place - how to create a sense that people are positively welcomed in the park.
  2. Healthy, safe and secure - how best to ensure that the park is a safe and healthy environment for all users.
  3. Clean and well maintained - what people can expect in terms of cleanliness, facilities and maintenance.
  4. Sustainability - how a park can be managed in environmentally sensitive ways.
  5. Conservation and heritage - the value of conservation and care of historical heritage.
  6. Community involvement - ways of encouraging community participation and acknowledging the community's role in a park's success.
  7. Marketing - methods of promoting a park successfully.
  8. Management - how to reflect all of the above in a coherent and accessible management plan or strategy and ensure it is implemented. 
Green Flag WCC Standards.pdf PDF, 141.45 KB, 9 pages

Green Flag gardens

Broadley Street Gardens

Rembrandt Gardens 

Ebury Square Gardens 

Soho Square  

Leicester Square Garden 

St. Anne's Churchyard 

Marble Arch 

St. George's Square 

Millbank Gardens 

St. John's Gardens (Horseferry Road) 

Mount Street Gardens 

St. John's Wood Church Grounds 

Norfolk Square Gardens 

Talbot Square 

Paddington Green/St Marys

Paddington Street Gardens 

Victoria Embankment Gardens 

Paddington Recreation Ground 

Violet Hill Gardens 

Porchester Square Gardens 

Westbourne Green Open Space 

Queens Park Gardens 

Whitehall Gardens

Green Flag cemeteries

East Finchley Cemetery 

Mill Hill Cemetery 

Hanwell Cemetery 

Green Heritage sites

Leicester Square Gardens 

Victoria Embankment Gardens 

Whitehall Gardens


For general queries about parks, gardens and cemeteries, please email [email protected]

Published: 14 December 2020

Last updated: 16 January 2021