In It to Win It: rewarding estates for recycling

With our In It To Win It scheme, we’re rewarding estates for recycling: the more you recycle, the more prizes you win for your community. 

Residents of Peabody Avenue and Peabody Close have until Thursday 7 September to vote for how they would like their reward spent. Reward options include; new raised planting beds on Peabody Close, new composting equipment or new plants at the Peabody Avenue entrance.

Vote for Peabody Avenue and Close

John Aird Court recently voted to spend their reward money on improvements to the communal footpath. Grosvenor Peabody Estate voted to spend their reward on improvements to the garden areas.


1. Eligibility

Most estates with shared recycling bins can take part in this scheme; see if your estate qualifies using our map below or view a list of eligible estates (PDF, 138KB).


Look out for the 'It’s got to be in it to win it' stickers which will show the bins included in the scheme.

2. Prizes

You can suggest rewards for your estate:

 Suggest prizes

The money can be spent on things like:

  • community festivals and workshops
  • sports and play kits
  • benches and gardening tools
  • wildlife projects

We’ll chat to the community about prizes they would like; when the estate's goal is reached you can vote for the prize you want.

Check your progress

We’ll also be offering an extra £1,000 prize to the estate with the best quality recycling.

Putting the wrong things in your recycling will reduce the prize earned. Check what you can and can’t recycle.

3. Newsletter

Sign up to the newsletter to find out more about the competition in your estate. 

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November 2015 newsletter

November 2016 newsletter

Full details of the scheme



4. Winners

Last updated: 8 September 2017
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