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Report anti-social behaviour

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour, find out about the different ways we can assist including reporting online.

Published on: 18 January 2021

Last updated: 28 April 2022

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour is a broad term that is used to describe behaviour that may affect your quality of life and the peaceful enjoyment of your home.

This could include noise, verbal abuse, harassment, threatening behaviour, unacceptable levels of noise, drugs and alcohol misuse and inconsiderate use of communal areas.

For further information please read our ASB policy and procedure.

Statement of policy and procedures on ASB.pdf

Complaints about, for example, household noise, are often reported to us as anti-social behaviour. Common complaints include children playing, doors closing, furniture being moved and hearing footsteps. 

These matters would not be considered anti-social behaviour. Your neighbour may not be aware that they are causing a problem and you may be able to resolve the issue quickly and easily without reporting it. Our brand new ‘dear neighbour’ cards can help you to do this.

Download a card or pick one up from your local Area Service Centre. The cards can be dropped off anonymously to let your neighbour know they may have caused a noise.

Report anti-social behaviour 

If you have been unable to resolve issues yourself or do not feel comfortable doing this, you can report antisocial behaviour using the options below. You should always call the police if you have a serious, urgent problem.

Report online

The easiest way to contact us is to complete our online anti-social behaviour form.

Report by phone 

Contact our customer services team on 0800 358 3783.

Our team are available within working hours 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday. 


Always call the police on 999 if a crime is happening nearby, if someone is injured, being threatened or in danger. 


Call the police on 101 to report anti-social behaviour when it is happening. Alternatively you can make a non-emergency report to the police online.

Reporting noise complaints

To report noise you can call the Council’s 24/7 noise team on 020 7641 2000 (environmental action line). 

Next steps 

If you report anti-social behaviour to us we will give you a unique reference case number. A specialist case manager will aim to get in touch with you within two working days to investigate your complaint, explain options available and agree an action plan with you.


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