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Support with rising energy costs

Find out how you can get support with rising energy costs.

Local support schemes

At a local level, Westminster can give you several support options for rising energy bills. 

Citizens Advice Westminster

Citizens Advice Westminster offers specialist energy advice to Westminster residents. Contact Citizen's Advice Westminster by phoning 0808 278 7834 and selecting option four.

Home Energy Advice Service

Are you struggling with energy bills or want some help to save energy?

Request a free home visit from an independent 'Green Doctor' energy advisor who will:

  • review your energy bills, property and circumstances
  • Fit energy-saving devices such as energy-efficient lightbulbs and radiator panels
  • give energy-saving tips, including advice to control heating and cooling settings
  • provide support with energy-related debts, including applying for grants
  • give guidance on home retrofit schemes you may be eligible for

Request a free home visit

You can also book a home visit by calling 0300 365 3005 or emailing [email protected].

Published: 22 March 2023

Last updated: 9 February 2024