City of Sculpture

City of Sculpture launched in 2010 to promote public art ahead of London 2012. It is now a rolling programme in collaboration with many of London's galleries as well as international galleries and artists to commission and showcase pieces of art.

It includes temporary installations of contemporary and traditional sculpture and is supported by private galleries and sculptors who exhibit at their own expense.

All sculptures need to apply for planning permission and our team will talk you through this process and the costs involved.

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City of Sculpture forms part of the council’s ‘City for All’ vision.

Sculptures and locations

Butterflies, Manolo Valdes
Monumental aluminium sculpture weighing 5 tonnes
Location: Berkeley Square Gardens
Find out more and see image of the sculpture being installed on the Opera Gallery website

Bra, 2016 and Corset, 2017, Kalliopi Lemos
Stainless steel weighing 120kg
Location: Golden Square
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Aurora, Tim Morgan
Steel and glass including thousands of hand-cut glass rods that refract and reflect sunlight
Location: Cavendish Square Gardens
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Visitor, David Breuer-Weil
Bronze, 290 x 237 x 214cm
Location: Cavendish Square Gardens
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Flight, David Breuer-Weil
Bronze, 700cm
Location: Marble Arch
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Moving Forward, Jill Berelowitz
Bronze, 3299 x 2298 x 1798cm
Location: Park Lane, opposite The Dorchester
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Slithery Ways, Pieter Obels
Corten steel, 150 x 160 x 110cm
Location: Soho Square
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Greek Head, Nic Fiddian-Green
Location: Mount Street Gardens
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Riverside Walk Gardens is currently vacant.

Last updated: 5 September 2019