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Improving air quality

Find out what we are doing to improve air quality in the borough.

Pollution alerts, statistics, and reports

You can register for free air quality alerts by text message or email from airTEXT. These alerts also contain useful information on how you can reduce your exposure to harmful pollution when air quality levels are especially poor. 

Tips for high pollution days

  • Limit outdoor activities and exercise so you avoid breathing in too much polluted air.
  • Go out earlier in the day when air quality tends to be better. 
  • Stay on quieter, back streets if possible, avoiding areas where there’s a lot of traffic.
  • Walk on the inside of the pavement because pollution levels are lower the further you are from the traffic.
  • Keep your car windows closed if you’re driving, especially if you’re driving in slow-moving traffic.
  • Be prepared by checking pollution levels in your area. Defra produces a UK-wide pollution forecast every day, and for the next five days, so you can check to see if your local area is likely to be affected.

Our annual Air Quality Progress Reports

Air quality report, 2022
Air quality report, 2022 PDF, 790.33 KB, 45 pages
Air quality report, 2021
Air quality report, 2021 PDF, 875.8 KB, 44 pages
Air quality report 2020
Air quality report 2020 PDF, 613.81 KB, 38 pages
Air quality report 2019
Air quality report 2019 PDF, 1.03 MB, 33 pages
Air quality report 2018
Air quality report 2018 PDF, 625.15 KB, 33 pages
Air quality report 2017
Air quality report 2017 PDF, 374.79 KB, 22 pages
Air quality report 2016
Air quality report 2016 PDF, 799.65 KB, 31 pages
air_quality_report_2015.pdf PDF, 1.24 MB, 21 pages

Published: 18 December 2020

Last updated: 29 November 2023