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Executive pay

View the pay and benefits our senior officers receive for their role in running the City of Westminster.

Published: 8 January 2021

Last updated: 28 March 2022

The council is a large organisation, delivering over 250 services from keeping the pavements clean and managing parking to maintaining roads and running children’s centres.

Executive pay

We believe it's important to be open and transparent about what we pay our chief executive and senior officers. Below, you can view the pay and benefits our senior officers receive for their role in running the City of Westminster.

As part of our complex organisation, officers are collectively responsible for a budget of almost £1 billion and for the delivery of hundreds of services in the heart of London. Their efforts have helped us consistently levy the lowest or 2nd lowest Council Tax in England since the current system of local taxation was introduced in 1993.

We are an ambitious council and use our resources effectively. Our external auditors (Grant Thornton) have endorsed this in their latest Value for Money (VfM) assessment. They’ve said that the Council are both financially sustainable and have secured economy, efficiency and effectiveness in use of our resources. We continue to believe that to employ the best people and get the best results for the many residents, businesses and visitors in our city, we must be prepared to pay competitive salaries.

If you have any questions about our executive pay, you can contact our media team on 020 7641 2259.

Our senior structure PDF, 147.04 KB, 2 pages
Our Pay Policy, 2022/23 PDF, 184.57 KB, 7 pages

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Council properties

We own and lease a range of properties across the city. View a list of operational properties the council own (such as non-housing properties) and a short description about what they are used for.

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Trade union facility time

The council must publish information on trade union facility time, including details of the total number of staff who are union representatives, the names of trade unions represented in the council and a basic estimate of spending on unions as a percentage of the total pay bill.