Smoke alarms: are they ready and working?

Finger pushing smoke alarm

With the New Year getting started we want you to make fire safety a priority. Many people see January as an opportunity for a fresh start and organisation around the home, and fire safety should be top of the list.

Accidental fires happen, but early detection and warning is key to reduce the devastation a fire in the home can cause. Smoke alarms can save lives by providing those vital few seconds notice to act. So, this month we are reminding all tenants and leaseholders to:

  • check you have enough working smoke alarms in the home and to test them regularly
  • book a free home safety visit with London Fire Brigade

Keeping you safe and comfortable in your home is our number one priority. Whilst it’s our job to ensure there is sufficient detection in all our 12,000+ tenanted homes and that they are checked annually, we still encourage you to carry out additional checks. It only takes a few seconds to ensure they are ready and working, using the How to test your smoke alarm guide (PDF 136KB- opens new window).

We’re asking leaseholders to do the same and uphold their responsibilities when it comes to keeping everyone safe from fire.  Leaseholders are responsible for ensuring they have sufficient and working fire detection within their homes. Not only is this the law, but it also offers residents the chance of being alerted and safe. Leaseholders can review their responsibilities within the Lessee Handbook (PDF 862KB- opens new window).

To understand and reduce risks of fire within your home further, we recommend you book a free home safety visit with London Fire Brigade. They can also fit free smoke alarms for leaseholders, and specialist alarms for people with visual or hearing impairments. Depending on your personal circumstances, they might also suggest extra help and support from other organisations. This could be to discuss things like fire retardant bedding or linking a smoke alarm to your Telecare system.

London Fire Brigade home safety visit with older woman
Photo credit: London Fire Brigade

Book your free home safety visit online (opens new window), via phone  08000 28 44 28 or email

Whilst considering fire detection within your own home is important, we also ask that you not to ignore a neighbour’s beeping smoke alarm – when in doubt, contact emergency services on 999 to make a report. We also encourage you to keep a close eye on less able neighbours, and to contact us if they may need help.

If your smoke alarm is not working or you would like some help testing it - please contact us. You can find out more about our fire safety work including prevention tips, how we keep you safe and your responsibilities, online.