Have yourself a fire free festive season

Family with christmas tree during

At this time of year, we always try to encourage our residents to take special care. We want everyone to have a wonderful Christmas however the festive season often brings extra hazards in to your home which can lead to accidental fires. 

Accidental home fires in the city in December have reduced by 21 per cent over the past five years, from 529 in 2014 to 416 last year. But, despite this reduction calls to 999 to report fires still increase over the Christmas time. 

All too many people experience accidents caused by anything from ill-placed Christmas trees to sub-standard fairy lights, overloaded powerboards to unattended candles. 

Prevention is key. In addition to making sure your smoke alarm is tested and working, let’s take a look at how to keep you and your family safe this Christmas - with tips from London Fire Brigade

  • keep candles away from Christmas trees, curtains or anything else that could catch fire and don’t leave them burning unattended
  • check your Christmas tree lights conform with safety standards and always switch them off before going to bed
  • don’t attach decorations to lights or heaters – they can overheat and catch fire
  • make sure you know what to do in the event of fire and share this with everyone in your household and any guests staying over Christmas
  • don’t leave cooking unattended, it’s safer to take pans off the heat and turn the hob, oven or grill off
  • make sure new electrical appliances have a British or European safety mark when you buy them
  • don’t overload plug sockets or powerboards
  • check on elderly relatives and neighbours and make sure they are safe
  • test your smoke alarms and contact us if they are not working
  • if you smoke, make sure you don’t get distracted and ensure your smoking material is extinguished properly.

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Are your home contents insured?
If not, you should consider getting affordable cover. Whilst we insure your building, this does do not cover your furniture, belongings or decorations. We strongly recommend that you arrange contents insurance to protect your belongings. Aviva provides insurance for tenants and leaseholders.

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Struggling to pay your energy bill?
If you are finding bills hard to pay, please don't use candles as an alternative heat source – and never ever use BBQs indoors or on balconies to cook or keep warm. Please contact the Green Doctors service by Ground Work if energy costs are getting beyond your budget. They have helped many people save £100's per year on their energy costs.

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