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Residents in the highest valued properties asked Westminster City Council how they could contribute more to projects in Westminster.

​​Now in its third year, the Community Contribution Fund was created to give Westminster residents the opportunity to give more to their local community, on a voluntary basis after asking Westminster City Council how they could contribute more to community projects. The scheme is managed by the City of Westminster Charitable Trust.

Making a difference

A contribution today of £896 – or just £74 a month – to the City of Westminster Charitable Trust, will support those in Westminster who need it most. Every penny will support additional projects to:

  • support people who find themselves sleeping rough on Westminster's streets
  • help young people achieve their full potential
  • help lonely people feel less isolated

Contribute now

Due to the incredible generosity of our residents, we’ve raised over £1,000,000 to date. With your ongoing support we can help more people in our community.
Contribute now

Apply for funding

This round of applications for the Community Contribution Fund is now closed.

If you don't live in Westminster but wish to contribute, please email

Community Contribution Fund - COVID-19 Grant awards

The COVID-19 Grant was created to help voluntary or community organisations providing services to help people impacted by coronavirus.

Community Contribution Fund awards

The Community Contribution Fund opened for grant awards for the first time in Spring 2019. Grants are increasing opportunities for young people and providing extra support for people who find themselves sleeping on Westminster’s streets.

Read about our successful case studies (PDF, 2MB)

About the City of Westminster Charitable Trust

Our mission is to give everyone a stake in the community and neighbourhoods that make up the City of Westminster.

We were founded in 1986 on the 400th anniversary of the City of Westminster.  The trust was established to invest in Westminster and support local projects which matter to residents.  The trust is a registered charity (Charity no. 296091).

We currently provide grants to community groups working in Westminster from the Lord Mayor’s Fund and the Community Contribution Fund.  

The Lord Mayor’s Fund supports the Lord Mayor’s charities. For 2019/20, we are supporting Young Westminster Foundation with a focus on youth clubs and outreach work, Westminster Tree Trust, Paddington Law Centre and Westminster’s Community Choirs particularly All Sing! Harrow Road Community Choir.

The Community Contribution Fund will support community projects that create opportunities for young people in Westminster, help lonely and isolated people in Westminster, and help rough sleepers off the streets at night. 

Last updated: 19 August 2020