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Community Contribution Fund and the City of Westminster Charitable Trust

Now in its sixth year, the Community Contribution Fund was created to give Westminster residents the opportunity to give more to their local community, on a voluntary basis. The scheme is managed by the City of Westminster Charitable Trust.

All contributions are given to community projects to support one of the following areas

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Provide extra support for people who find themselves sleeping on Westminster's streets

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Help lonely people feel less isolated

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Increase opportunities for young people

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Promoting social inclusion (new for February 2023)

Your donations have made a huge difference to people and communities in Westminster by helping rough sleepers rebuild their lives, assisting elderly relatives who are facing social isolation and loneliness, and guiding young people to a brighter future. Your donations have provided:

  • 12 weeks of hospitality training attended by residents who have experience homelessness
  • 100 socio-economically disadvantaged residents the chance to attend a 26 week development, mentoring and training programme
  • 26 hours of choir practice attended by socially isolated over 50s
  • 40 employment workshops attended by 60 disabled young people
  • 180 children the opportunity to attend reading sessions to improve their vocabulary
  • 60 hours of academic booster sessions provided for disadvantaged children
  • 104 hours of peer support provided for asylum seeking women

Watch our case studies to find out more about the benefits of the fund.

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In total you have helped fund 145 projects across our three areas of work


Rough sleeping projects


Youth support projects


Social isolation and loneliness projects


Social inclusion projects

The impact of your donations

Your donations have funded dozens of projects across Westminster since 2019.

Watch videos about some of projects being funded and find a list of all the funded projects since the fund launched.

Contribute to the Community Contribution Fund

Voluntary organisations are at the front line of the cost-of-living crisis. Charities are seeing an increase in demand for help and support and the ability to meet this increasing need is being severely tested.

With your generous donations, together we can continue to help fund projects that make a real difference to the lives and wellbeing of residents and communities in Westminster. According to the Charities Aid Foundation:

  • 90% of charities are worried about the impact rising costs are having on those who rely on their services
  • 71% of charity leaders are worried about managing an increase in demand on their services

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Applying for the fund

Charitable organisations will be able to apply for project funding from 19 February 2024 to 19 March 2024.

Find out how to apply for funding

All the projects that have received funding from 2019 onwards

About the City of Westminster Charitable Trust

Our mission is to give everyone a stake in the community and neighbourhoods that make up the City of Westminster.

We were founded in 1986 on the 400th anniversary of the City of Westminster.  The trust was established to invest in Westminster and support local projects which matter to residents.  The trust is a registered charity (Charity no. 296091).

We currently provide grants to community groups working in Westminster from the Lord Mayor’s Fund and the Community Contribution Fund. The Lord Mayor’s Fund supports the Lord Mayor’s charities.

The Community Contribution Fund will support community projects that create opportunities for young people in Westminster, help lonely and isolated people in Westminster, and help rough sleepers off the streets at night.