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Maths and Revision Fun books, £1.99 discount

About this offer

Maths Fun for Cool Kids is a maths puzzle book full of UK junior school maths, curriculum-related activities. Written with a teacher from Westminster Under School, the book includes word problems, cartoons and jokes to liven up the maths syllabus making this book a fun activity for any child aged 9 to 12.

Revision Fun for Clever Kids is a fun puzzle book for 8 to 11-year-old children packed with over 50 pages of cartoons, puzzles and brainteasers. This challenging collection covers maths and logic, English, geography, history and science. A workbook in disguise!

These puzzle books show that school work can be fun - take the pressure off while keeping the brain very much switched on.

Usual price £8.99 or £7 plus postage (£2.80 first class) with discount.