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Casual trading may be suitable for non-food traders who wish to try out a market before committing to a regular licence or who wish to trade at more than one market in Westminster on an ad hoc basis. If you wish to trade regularly from the same pitch, a 6-month temporary licence may be more appropriate for your trading pattern and you should have a look at our vacant market pitches.

Once registered, a casual trader can apply for a temporary licence for any of designated Westminster markets where there is a pitch available, except the Rupert Street Market. Currently only registered casual traders will be granted temporary licences to trade on the Church Street market on Saturdays.

Find out more about the markets in the City of Westminster before applying to register as a casual trader.

We can't accept applications for casual traders wishing to sell food or beverages.

1. How to apply

Please complete the approved casual trader application form for your name to be entered on the register of approved casual traders and send it to the  street trading team.

As part of your application you must provide additional documents including proof of market liability insurance. This can be arranged through a private broker or from any of the below insurers:

  • National Market Traders Federation (call 01226 749021)
  • Combined Markets (call 020 8554 5273)

View application fees and pitch fees

Once registered, your name will be added to our register and you will receive an identification plate valid until 31 July 2019. You can then apply for temporary licences to allow you to engage in street trading.

2. Apply for a temporary licence: casual trader pilot scheme

We are reviewing our casual trader scheme and conducting a trial of a new system until mid-2017.

Under the pilot system, registered traders must book and pay for pitches in advance. A licence to cover the days booked will then be emailed to the trader. The trader must be able to show their licence to a council officer on their pitch when they are trading. This can either be a paper or electronic copy of the licence.

Booking pitches

All pitches must be paid for in advance and pitches must be booked by 4pm the working day prior to trading day or 1pm on Fridays. If a trader decides not to trade once the licence has been issued, the payment is not transferable or refundable.

For trading on the Church Street market on Saturdays, a priority list will be established once all vacant pitches have been booked. You must pay to be on the priority list. Traders on the priority should attend the market where the City Inspectors will allocate pitches to those on the list if an existing trader does not attend the market and their pitch is vacant Where a trader pays to be on the priority list and a pitch does not become available the money will transfer over to the next time you trade on a Saturday. Where a trader pays to be on the priority list but does not attend the market, the money will not be transfer over.

To book pitches registered casual traders will need to call the street trading team. All bookings will require full payment.

Your details must be up-to-date including insurance details; no bookings will be taken for any trader with expired or invalid insurance. Any trader who has not provided up-to-date insurance documentation will be asked to provide this before any pitches are booked.

Once a pitch has been booked and paid for, a receipt for payment and a temporary licence will be emailed to you. The licence must be produced on the day of trading with the casual ID plate. A valid insurance certificate must also be available to view.

Any trader who cannot produce their casual trader ID plate or temporary licence will be asked to stop trading.


The daily fees for casual trading throughout the pilot are as follows:

Day Fee
Monday to Thursday £19.44
Friday £28.50
Saturday £29.72

3. Renewal of casual registration

Casual trader registrations are renewed every 3 years.

You will be sent a renewal notice by our team before your casual trading registration expires. The current registration period ends on 31 July 2019 and is set regardless of when you apply to be added to the register between now and then.

Please inform the street trading team of any address changes during the remaining period to ensure that you receive your renewal notice.

Last updated: 15 February 2017
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