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Spending, procurement and data transparency

We are committed to being transparent with how we spend public money.

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1. Procurement 2020/21

  2020 to 2021
Contracts over £5000 Q1 - (XLSX, 10KB)
Q2 - (CSV, 7KB)
Expenditure over £500 Q1 - (XLSX, 1.6MB)
Q2 - (CSV, 1.4MB)
Invitation to tender report for contracts over £5000 Q1 - (XLSX, 5KB)
Q2 - (CSV, 5KB)
Procurement card data Q1 - (XLSX, 5KB)
Q2 - (CSV, 368KB)

4. Procurement 2017/18

  2017 to 2018
Expenditure over £500 Q1 (CSV, 1.84MB)
Q2 (CSV, 1.98MB)
Q3 (CSV, 1.93MB)
Q4 (CSV, 1.81MB)
Contracts over £5,000 Q1 (CSV, 9.11KB)
Q2 (CSV, 13KB)
Q3 (CSV, 11.3KB)
Q4 (CSV, 5KB)
Invitation to tender for contracts over £5,000 Q1 (CSV, 3KB)
Q2 (CSV, 8KB)
Q3 (CSV, 7.66KB)
Q4 (CSV, 7KB)
Purchase card transactions Q1 (CSV, 457KB)
Q2 (CSV, 499KB)
Q3 (CSV, 532KB)
Q4 (CSV, 502KB)



5. Procurement 2016/17

  2016 to 2017
Expenditure over £500 Q1 (CSV, 2.84MB)
Q2 (CSV, 1.81MB)
Q3 (CSV, 2.00MB)
Q4 (CSV, 2.03MB)
Purchase card transactions Q1 (CSV, 5.88KB)
Q2 (CSV, 577KB)
Q3 (CSV, 492KB)
Q4 (CSV, 347KB) 
Contracts over £5,000 Q1 (CSV, 7.44KB)
Q2 (CSV, 1.15KB)
Q3 (CSV, 3.09KB)
Q4 (CSV, 2KB)
Invitation to tender for contracts over £5,000 Q1 (CSV, 976KB)
Q2 (CSV, 3.55KB)
Q3 (CSV, 3.20KB)
Q4 (CSV, 3KB)

6. Procurement 2015/16

  2015 to 2016
Expenditure over £500 Q1 - (CSV, 2MB)
Q2 - (CSV, 3MB)
Q3 - (CSV, 3MB)
Q4 - (CSV, 2MB)
Purchase card transactions Q1 - (CSV, 551KB)
Q2 - (CSV, 630KB)
Q3 - (CSV, 577KB)
Q4 - (CSV, 520KB)
Contracts over £5,000 Q1 - (XLSX, 13KB)
Q2 - (XLSX, 14KB)
Q3 - (CSV, 2.24KB)
Q4 - (CSV, 1.29KB)
Invitation to tender for contracts over £5,000 Q1 - (XLSX, 12KB)
Q2 - (XLSX, 12KB)
Q3 - (CSV, 4KB)
Q4 - (CSV, 4KB)

Due to the implementation of a new financial solution and associated processes, data submitted for this period may not be complete and will be subject to review. A revised report may be published in future, if necessary.

8. Dataset categories

2014 to 2015

2013 to 2014

9. Extra information

View details of all council expenditure over £500 (excluding VAT) on the Spotlight on Spend website:

Waste contract 2010 to 2017

See the current waste contract (XLSX, 46KB)

Last updated: 16 November 2020