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We are committed to being transparent with how we spend public money.

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1. Procurement 2017/18

  2017 to 2018
Expenditure over £500 Q1 (CSV, 1.84MB)
Q2 (CSV, 1.98MB)
Contracts over £5,000 Q1 (CSV, 9.11KB)
Q2 (CSV, 13KB)
Invitation to tender for contracts over £5,000 Q1 (CSV, 3KB)
Q2 (CSV, 8KB)
Purchase card transactions Q1 (CSV, 457KB)
Q2 (CSV, 409KB)



2. Procurement 2016/17

  2016 to 2017
Expenditure over £500 Q1 (CSV, 2.84MB)
Q2 (CSV, 1.81MB)
Q3 (CSV, 2.00MB)
Q4 (CSV, 2.03MB)
Purchase card transactions Q1 (CSV, 5.88KB)
Q2 (CSV, 577KB)
Q3 (CSV, 492KB)
Q4 (CSV, 347KB) 
Contracts over £5,000 Q1 (CSV, 7.44KB)
Q2 (CSV, 1.15KB)
Q3 (CSV, 3.09KB)
Q4 (CSV, 2KB)
Invitation to tender for contracts over £5,000 Q1 (CSV, 976KB)
Q2 (CSV, 3.55KB)
Q3 (CSV, 3.20KB)
Q4 (CSV, 3KB)

3. Procurement 2015/16

  2015 to 2016
Expenditure over £500 Q1 - (CSV, 2MB)
Q2 - (CSV, 3MB)
Q3 - (CSV, 3MB)
Q4 - (CSV, 2MB)
Purchase card transactions Q1 - (CSV, 551KB)
Q2 - (CSV, 630KB)
Q3 - (CSV, 577KB)
Q4 - (CSV, 520KB)
Contracts over £5,000 Q1 - (XLSX, 13KB)
Q2 - (XLSX, 14KB)
Q3 - (CSV, 2.24KB)
Q4 - (CSV, 1.29KB)
Invitation to tender for contracts over £5,000 Q1 - (XLSX, 12KB)
Q2 - (XLSX, 12KB)
Q3 - (CSV, 4KB)
Q4 - (CSV, 4KB)

Due to the implementation of a new financial solution and associated processes, data submitted for this period may not be complete and will be subject to review. A revised report may be published in future, if necessary.

5. Dataset categories

2014 to 2015

2013 to 2014

6. Extra information

View details of all council expenditure over £500 (excluding VAT) on the Spotlight on Spend website:

Waste contract 2010 to 2017

See the current waste contract (XLSX, 46KB)

Last updated: 18 January 2018
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