Schools Library Service

The Schools Library Service (SLS) is a self-financing service providing loans of topic-based books and fiction from our specialist collection of over 70,000 books.

Browse this guide to view the following services we offer schools in Westminster and some additional boroughs.

1. Loan services

The loan service provides quality resources to support the delivery of literacy, the curriculum and reading for pleasure.

Teachers can request loans on as many subjects as they wish including fiction and non-fiction books.

Loans can also include group reading sets, big books, posters, audio books, DVDs and interactive whiteboard software.

Loan options are based on a 3-term academic year:

Standard (£15.25 per FTE pupil)

  • an allocation of 60 items per class per term
  • supplementary loans for non-class teachers are provided based on one loan of 60 items per 4 classes
  • 10 big books and 6 sets of 6 group readers per loan
  • materials are loaned for one term and supplied within 10 working days of receipt of order
  • resources can be selected by teachers or by SLS librarians and delivered to and collected from schools

Plus (£19.40 per FTE pupil)

  • all qualified teachers (including head teachers and deputies) have an allocation of 60 items per term
  • 10 big books and 6 sets of 6 group  readers per loan
  • materials are loaned for one term and supplied within 10 working days of receipt of order
  • resources can be selected by teachers or by SLS librarians and delivered to and collected from schools

Mini (£7 per pupil)

  • an allocation of 30 items per class per term
  • 5 big books and 3 sets of 6 group readers per loan

Pay as you go

£70 per loan for a 30 item loans or £120 per loan for a 60 item loans

  • project loans - per term

'Reading for pleasure' collections

£6.75 per FTE pupil 60 items per class or if you opt for Pay as you go, £45.00 per loan for a 30 item loan or £75.00 per loan for a 60 item loan.

  • an allocation of 60 items per class per term
  • these collections are specifically put together to encourage a love of reading which are mainly fiction-based but also include poetry and recreational non-fiction books
  • we can modify these collections to meet specific needs, such as Talented and Gifted, High Interest Low Ability, boys or girls reading, etc, but cannot relate them to topic work

2. Book purchase

Ordering new books is very easy and by offering a discount of 30% off most new books the SLS offers excellent value for money.

Primary school library book corners and class reading collections

SLS has selected a range of books for each year group that would be perfect to refresh existing corners or as stand-alone collections. These collections are mainly fiction, although there are some non-fiction books, with material to interest most tastes and ability level. They are ideal for encouraging a love of reading.

We can select stock on behalf of schools

This can include general material such as fiction or picture books or more focused selections based on ability, age, subjects or themes. There is a charge for this service and for an extra small charge, the books could be purchased with protective covering (highly recommended), date labels and class numbers.

How to order

Please send the titles and ISBN numbers of the books to the email address or fax number listed in the contact details. The SLS will deliver the books to your school and will invoice the school after the books have been delivered.

3. Artefacts and costume loans

Westminster SLS are working in partnership with Islington Education Library Service to enable schools in Tri-borough to access their excellent collections of artefacts and costumes. Please contact us for more information.

4. Support, advice and consultancy

The service can help schools improve library provision by offering onsite, practical support including:

  • identifying and removing unsuitable stock items
  • producing stock profiles which will identify the strengths and weakness of library collections
  • cataloguing and labelling stock
  • book ordering and library restocking
  • classifying stock as well as deleting old records
  • stocktaking
  • setting up a school library from scratch

We can also visit schools and advise on how to improve and develop school libraries, offering help on:

  • library layout and design
  • shelving and furniture
  • improving the stock
  • purchasing library management software
  • signing and guiding
  • library policy
  • providing practical advice on how to run a school library

An initial advice visit is provided free of charge. Additional visits are subject to a consultancy charge.

If you are planning on creating a new school library we can manage the project and will:

  • liaise and co-ordinate with library furnishers and designers
  • purchase the stock
  • classify and catalogue stock
  • organise and shelve the stock accurately in an appealing but logical order
  • train staff in running the library and using the computerised catalogue

We have recently created a number of brand new school libraries including St Barnabas' (Westminster), St Luke’s  (Westminster), ARK Conway Academy (Hammersmith and Fulham), ARK Bentworth Academy (Hammersmith and Fulham), St Stephen's (Westminster) and St Matthew's (Westminster).

To make use of any of these services, please contact us for a free quote.

5. Training and courses

We run courses throughout the year on libraries and reading. Keep an eye on the Westminster SLS Facebook page for the latest details.

Preparing the school library for inspection - London Schools Library Services

18 October 2016

Course description: A course for primary and secondary school librarians and others with responsibility for the school library. We will examine where libraries fit in the inspection process, identify inspection priorities, and explore practical ways to get the library and its impact noticed. 

Expected learning outcomes:

  • greater knowledge of the inspection process and what inspectors are looking for 
  • strategies for raising the profile of the library before and during inspection 
  • ideas for mapping library provision to key areas of inspection
  • more confidence about appropriate evidence to prepare and ways to present it 
  • tips for highlighting key strengths and achievements
  • ideas for self-assessment, monitoring and evaluation 
  • opportunities to share concerns and good practice
  • knowledge of key documents and their contents and other sources of guidance

Course leader: Anne is an independent trainer specialising in children’s and school libraries and children’s reading. 


  • 9.15am - Registration 
  • 9.30am - The context
  • 10.45am - Break
  • 11am - Practical strategies part 1
  • 12.15pm - Lunch
  • 1pm - Practical strategies part 2 
  • 2.15pm - Break
  • 2.30pm - Planning
  • 3.30pm - Close

Cost: £100 per delegate, including lunch and refreshments. For further information or to book, please contact Nick Fuller at the Schools Library Service.

6. Contact details

Last updated: 21 July 2016