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School Streets frequently asked questions

Read some frequently asked questions about the roll out of School Streets in Westminster

How does it work?

Pedestrian and Cycle Zone (PCZ) is created on the street outside a school to reduce the amount of vehicle traffic at specific times in the morning and afternoon. Signage informs drivers of the times of operation at the entrances to the zone.

Vehicles are not allowed to enter the School Street during the times of operation unless they require access only such as:

  • emergency vehicles
  • Blue Badge disabled holders
  • White Badge disabled holders
  • disabled transport services
  • residents of the street
  • any other vehicle that is approved for exemption during the times of operation

School Streets will be monitored across all locations in the borough with cameras. The monitoring will include vehicle volumes and type, pedestrian counters and air quality readings to understand the changing traffic and travel patterns that may occur. This data will then inform amendments that will be assessed for feasibility on a location by location basis and require cabinet member approval. Amendments may include but are not limited to, green infrastructure such as trees, cycle and/or scooter parking, pavement build outs, bollards and barriers.

Some School Streets will have CCTV cameras installed to improve enforcement.  

School Streets having CCTV installed from December 2022 are:

  • All Souls CE Primary School, Riding House Street between its junction with Cleveland Street and Nassau Street.
  • ARK Atwood Academy Primary, Amberley Road between its junction with Foscote Mews and Downfield Close.
  • George Eliot Primary School
  • Queens Park Primary School, Droop Street between its junction with Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue
  • St Mary’s of the Angel RC Primary School, Craven Terrace from its junction with Craven Hill.
  • St James and St Johns CE Primary School, Shrewsbury Road between its junction with St Stephen’s Gardens south and Talbot Road
  • St Peter’s Eaton Square CE Primary School, Lower Belgrave Street between its junction with Ebury Street and Buckingham Palace Road.

Marshals will continue to provide kerbside enforcement where required.

When were locations made permanent?

The first School Street was installed in April 2019 and the remaining 11 were made permanent on 1 May 2023.

Where can I provide comments on a School Street?

Please feel free to contact us via [email protected] or call 020 7641 2000.

Who do I contact for a parking exemption?

Please contact Parking Services directly by email at [email protected] or call them on 020 7641 2000 to enquire about an exemption.

Will I get a parking ticket if I am a resident on a School Street? Should I move my car during times of operation?

No. All residents who own one or more vehicles that are registered to an address on a School Street that has CCTV enforcement are automatically placed on an Exemption List. This means you do not need to move your car.

As a resident on a School Street, can I drive in and out of a School Street at times of operation?

Yes, residents with a vehicle that has been registered to their address via the DVLA can drive into or out of a School Street during the hours of operation because they will have been added to the exemption list.

If you have hired a vehicle, for example a Zipcar, it will not be on the exemption list because it won’t be registered to your address via the DVLA. However, if you need to use a hire car during times of operation, you can apply for an exemption by emailing [email protected] with the subject line: ‘School Street Exemption Request’.

If I am a resident and I have visitors, where should they park during the closure times?

Please inform your visitors about the times of operation. They can park on surrounding roads or enter and exit outside the times of operation. However, if a visitor has a Blue or White Badge, they will be able to drive in and out during the times of operation.

I am a care worker, can I enter during the closures?

Vehicles are not allowed to enter the School Street during the times of operation unless carers:

  • are using an emergency visit in an emergency vehicle
  • they themselves are a Blue Badge holder
  • they themselves are a White Badge holder
  • they themselves are utilising disabled transport services.

Any vehicles that are part of The Health Emergency Badge Scheme will need to apply for an exemption by contacting [email protected] quoting ‘School Street Exemption Request’.

Does this affect refuse collections?

Refuse collections will continue as usual outside the times of operation.

What are the delivery access arrangements?

Any deliveries need to adhere to the School Street’s times of operation. Deliveries should be scheduled outside of the closure times. During the times of operation, delivery drivers can park on surrounding roads and still make deliveries.

What if I'm already parked inside the School Street when it comes into operation?

Any vehicles already parked in a School Street before the times of operation will be able to leave without incurring a Penalty Charge Notice or enforcement charge. However, they should not re-enter until the times of operation have come to an end, unless they are a Blue or White badge holder, or an emergency service worker on an emergency visit in an emergency vehicle.

How will parents, carers and children with limited mobility be affected by the School Street?

The School Street will make it easier for pupils, parents and carers with limited mobility to access the school by reducing traffic outside the school gates.

Those holding valid Blue Badges will be exempt from the restrictions but should still avoid parking on school keep clear (zigzag) markings.

Exemptions for School transport services will be in place to support continued sustainable travel during the times of operation of the School Streets.

Where else can I park?

Where you can park will vary by location. Please use our parking locator tool to find other parking locations, and find more information on how you can park within Westminster.

The 10 minute parking exemption within the extent of any School Street will not apply.

If I get a ticket, how much will it be?

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) can cost up to £130.

Where is the approval of making School Streets permanent?

The council’s decision can be viewed on the Cabinet Member for City Management and Air Quality’s School Streets decision for more information.

I want to nominate a school for a School Street, how do I do that?

All remaining schools will be assessed, and the ones found most in need of an active travel and road safety intervention will be offered a School Street.

The council will work with the schools identified to make sure a School Street would be fit for purpose for them, as well as the residents and businesses in that location. A School Street Programme is being progressed for financial year 2023/24.

Published: 18 October 2021

Last updated: 14 December 2023