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Reusing and other recycling services

Reusing and recycling your waste. Find out about additional ways to reuse and recycle.

A-Z of Recycling

Most household goods can be recycled and made into new things. Find out what can be recycled and where with our A-Z of recycling.

The Household Waste Recycling Centre at Smugglers Way

You can recycle large and small household items at this centre.

Community Mobile Recycling Day

Find out more about our mobile recycling centre and what you can recycle here.

Home composting

How to set up a home compost and order a compost bin.

How and where to recycle textiles

Find textile recycling bins in Westminster and get rid of your unwanted items in an environmentally-friendly way.

How to recycle electrical appliances

Find out how you can recycle your electrical items.

Where to recycle books

Where to find recycling book bins.

Micro-recycling centres

Find your nearest public recycling bins in Westminster and information about what you can recycle.

Sign up for the recycling newsletter

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Become a Recycling Champion

Become a volunteer recycling champion and help us to help others to recycle more.

Recycling events in Westminster

Join us at one of our recycling events to learn about recycling and find out how you can be greener in Westminster.

Reusable nappies

Find out how reusable nappies can save you money, and help reduce waste.