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Planning performance agreements

For large or complex planning proposals, read about our use of planning performance agreements (PPAs) and associated fees.

Central government encourages the use of planning performance agreements (PPAs) for large or complex planning proposals.

These are voluntary agreements between us and the applicants which helps to:

  • bring together the developer, the Local Planning Authority and key stakeholders to work in partnership throughout the planning process
  • ensure complex proposals progress through the process to mutually-agreed timescales
  • ensure appropriate resources and expertise are provided to advise on complex proposals
  • provide greater opportunity for dialogue through the planning process and help deliver high-quality development


The payment of fees for a PPA ensures that your application is processed to an agreed timetable with meetings to help overcome issues that arise during the application process.

However, it does not guarantee that planning permission will be granted. If the planning proposal is contrary to the our adopted policies, the London Plan or national guidance, it will be recommended for refusal.

Cost is dependent on the scale and complexity of the application and level of resource required.

You should ask for advice on whether your proposal may be suitable for a PPA at pre-application stage.

The charges are set out below and are subject to periodic review.

Large-scale major proposals 

Price to be confirmed, dependent on size and complexity of proposal 

Large scale, complex development requiring significant resources, or special projects that do not fit in the below categories. 

Major proposals where development contains a 'relevant building'

£65,676 incl. VAT

Major proposals (as defined below) which include one or more 'relevant buildings' under Planning Gateway One.

Major proposals 

£60,024 incl. VAT

  • Residential applications: 10 or more residential units, or a site of 0.5 hectares or more on an outline application. 
  • Other types of applications, including commercial development: creating 1,000m² floor space or more, or a site of 1 hectare or more on an outline application. 

Minor or less complex proposals 

£29,040 incl. VAT

  • Less complex major development schemes as agreed by the Director of Planning, where a case has been made by the applicant. 
  • Minor redevelopment schemes excluding replacement single family dwellings, unless they raise complex issues. 
  • Complex minor developments raising issues such as mix of uses, design or conservation issues, residential amenity, those requiring S106 or which are likely to create more than local interest. 

Householder Proposals 

£18,768 incl. VAT

Proposals to alter or extend a single house, including works within the boundary/garden of a house, where complex issues are raised. 

Before making a payment, please read more about planning application fees.

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Published: 29 December 2020

Last updated: 31 January 2024