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Planning householder retrofit how-to guides

Read advice on retrofit measures commonly proposed in Westminster and see the first of our how to guides on upgrading windows.

Published on: 11 August 2022

Last updated: 15 August 2022

Retrofit how-to guides

We are creating a series of simple planning guides to provide advice on common retrofit measures. These explain what permissions you may need, what issues you should consider and how you can make a successful application.

Retrofit how-to guide one, make your windows more energy efficient 

The first of our retrofit guides provides advice on how to retrofit windows to make them more energy efficient.

Read our interactive guide on retrofitting windows 

You can also view a pdf version of the guide below.

Windows Retrofit How To Guide
Windows Retrofit How To Guide PDF, 13.05 MB, 37 pages

We want to ensure this guide is a useful as possible and will continue to amend and update this in response to feedback. We would welcome your comments on the document and its format and how  we can make this more useful. Please send any comments to [email protected]

Further guidance and future guides

You can find further advice on retrofit in our Environmental Supplementary Planning Document and are developing guides to provide advice on the full range of measures set out in this document. We will continue to update these pages as subsequent guides become available. The next guides to be published will be air source heat pumps, solar panels and green roofs.