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Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Fund

These pages explain the Neighbourhood CIL, what it can be spent on, and how you can access funds for your projects.

Published on: 18 February 2021

Last updated: 13 September 2021

Applying for Neighbourhood CIL

Any local Westminster community organisation can apply for Neighbourhood CIL funding so long as the project meets the CIL regulations and the criteria set out in the application form.

When drafting project proposals, it is important that you consult members of your local community who may have an interest in the project – this includes Ward Councillors, community organisations, residents’ groups, amenity societies, individual businesses, and business improvement districts.

Where there is a designated neighbourhood forum, applications for Neighbourhood CIL must be endorsed or submitted by the relevant forum in your area.

The CIL Team can support forums and community organisations identify local project opportunities, develop ideas into eligible proposals, and coordinate local engagement. All bids and queries can be submitted to the CIL Team via [email protected]

The winter round of applications is open until 10 January 2022. The CIL Committee hearing to determine applications will be on 7 February 2022.

The autumn round of applications have now closed, and allocations will be determined at the next CIL Committee hearing on 4 October 2021.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like any support in developing project proposals. You can contact us via e-mail on [email protected]

How to apply

To apply, please download the form below and return it to [email protected]

Neighbourhood CIL Application Form PDF, 174.25 KB, 11 pages

For Projects on Council Owned Land

For projects that are going to be delivered on council owned land (for example, on a public highway, open spaces, parks, and recreational grounds), forums are at liberty to procure a contractor of their choice in consultation with the council. As the landowner, the council must approve of the delivery partner and the specification of the work being delivered. The CIL Team can support Neighbourhood Forums when commissioning a project and in administering the allocation of CIL monies.

For Projects on Privately Owned Land

For projects that are taking place on private land, or for projects that involve the procurement of consultants (i.e. for a piece of research), the council’s involvement will be limited, but the CIL Team can provide the appropriate support and direction where necessary.

Once a project has been identified and there is support from Ward Councillors and members of your local community for it to be developed into a proposal, please fill in our Neighbourhood CIL application form and submit it to the CIL Team when completed.

Forums are encouraged to reach out to the CIL Team if they need support or guidance in identifying and coordinating projects and completing applications. The deadline for submission is usually a Friday in March, June, September and December – however the exact date will be confirmed when each bidding round commences and when the date for the CIL Committee has been confirmed.

Once received, the application will be reviewed by the CIL Team and the CIL Governance Group (a group of officers from across the council directorates) and be put forward to the to the CIL Committee for decision. The CIL Team may contact applicants for questions. The CIL Committee will take decisions in quarterly live hearing.

The CIL Committee is a sub-committee of the Westminster Cabinet. The members of the committee are:

  • Councillor Matthew Green (Chairman)
  • Councillor Melvyn Caplan
  • Councillor Paul Swaddle OBE

You can find further details on the Committee here, including hearing dates and committee reports.

Once  the CIL Committee has approved the bid, the CIL Team will liaise with the applicant to proceed to the relevant next steps. Our Neighbourhood CIL process is summarised below.

Neighbourhood CIL application process:

  1. Scoping and planning stage - Neighbourhood Forum/organisation prepares a bid with support and guidence from the CIL Team, the local community and Ward Members. The bid must be in compliance with CIL regulations.
  2. Submision and review stage - once finalised, the Neighbourhood Forum will submit the bid to the CIL Team who will then review it with the CIL Governance Group and put it forward for decision by the CIL Committee via a published report. Applications must be submitted by the designated Neighbourhood Forum where applicable.
  3. Committee stage - the CIL Committee will then decide whether to allocate funds to the project in quarterly live hearings.
  4. Allocation and commissioning - once allocations have been approved, the project can start. With support from the CIL Team, the Neighbourhood Forums will commission the project.
  5. Draw down/ release of funds - once CIL Team has been provided with an invoice or evidence of imminent spend, the monies will then be released into the relevant account.

If you are a Westminster resident, and you have project idea which you believe could be eligible for CIL funding, please contact your local Neighbourhood Forum, resident’s association, or Ward Councillor to discuss. If you live in a neighbourhood where there is no designated forum, or if you are simply unsure about who to contact, please e-mail the CIL Team directly.