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Search and comment on planning applications and register for email notifications

Find out how to search all planning applications and decisions, comment on current applications and set up email notifications.

Search applications

Search for applications, appeals and enforcement records

There are a number of ways you can search for records:

Search by reference number, post code or single line of address. If case details are only partially known wildcard searching can be performed using the * or % character on any of the search criteria, for examples *64 Victoria St* or 4 Frampton St*

If you only have the address, then use this link and complete the details. Then select 'Property History' for planning applications for the address.

You can navigate to individual properties on a map using this link. Use the zoom and pan buttons and once you have found the property you want, select the bold red outline to show planning information relating to that property.

Provides additional fields to help you to refine your search. For example you can search for applications by application type, status, date received, and so on.

Our search portal allows you to:

  • Find out details of a planning application, appeal or enforcement investigation and to comment on current applications. If you want to complain about a building already underway that may have breached planning regulations go to our Planning Enforcement pages.
  • View the documents associated with all applications from May 2000 onwards, including the decision notice which lists any conditions associated with a decided application.
  • Set up email notifications for future planning applications in the area you're interested in.
  • See details of many historic planning applications. The earliest records available date from the early to mid 20th Century. Pre-May 2000 online records may be incomplete or missing and you may want to make a request to view the archived hard copy planning records for pre-2000 applications.
  • View the Weekly List  of applications received and decided.

Published: 24 December 2020

Last updated: 10 June 2024