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Westminster High Streets Programme

What is the High Streets Programme?

High streets form the heart of our communities – places where people, businesses and culture meet.

Westminster has 27 major high streets and 38 smaller local centres. We are setting up a High Streets Programme to support and revitalise our high streets to make them more resilient, vibrant, and diverse. We will ensure that the balance of spaces, amenities, and services are best catered to the local community.   

The High Streets Programme will begin by focusing on a cluster of high streets around Paddington and Bayswater. 

Over the next three years, we will engage with the community to gather feedback and co-create proposals for our high streets so they can best serve the local community.

Programme vision

Our high streets will be the backbone of vibrant 15-minute neighbourhoods where the local identity is strengthened, and key services and goods are accessible to all. They will support a fairer public life and allow for:

  • meaningful community exchanges
  • sustainable economic growth
  • safe and healthy spaces of everyday life


A group of cartoon people standing together, one uses a wheelchair, one is a child, and there are three adults standing, against an orange background

Connected communities

High streets that promote community cohesion and building local connections, celebrating culture, creativity, and the diversity of our neighbourhoods. Enabling enterprise, training and skills development.

A cartoon adult holding a child's hand with a tree and lampost behind them, against a green background

Inclusive, safe, sustainable places

Improving the accessibility and sustainability of our high streets for everyone, ensuring the public realm fosters greater social exchange and public life.

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Vibrant and resilient economy

Building resilience in the existing local economy and enabling a flexible, diverse, and evolving offer throughout the day and night.  

Have your say

The first public engagement for Paddington and Bayswater took place between 12 June and 11 September 2023. The aims of this engagement were to:

  • understand what residents, visitors and business-owners feel and value most on Paddington and Bayswater high streets
  • identify what is considered as key opportunities and challenge
  • prioritise actions and build long-term partnerships

We are currently reviewing the recent engagement feedback for Paddington and Bayswater and will provide an update by late 2023.

Contact us

If you have a question or queries about the wider programme, our team are always happy to hear from you and answer any questions. Please contact us by emailing: [email protected]