Noise complaints we investigate

We investigate complaints about unreasonable noise from:

  • air conditioning/plant noise
  • alarms
  • building sites - noise, grit and dust
  • buskers
  • deliveries and collections
  • DIY
  • loud parties
  • music
  • noise from licensed premises
  • noisy animals
  • residential noise

Non-noise issues

We can also investigate complaints about some non-noise issues including:

  • drainage problems (commercial)
  • smoke and odours (commercial)
  • pests (commercial)
  • waste accumulation (commercial)
  • light pollution

Out of hours emergencies

We respond to any environmental health emergency out of hours. This can include:

  • fatal accidents, legionnaire's disease and other health and safety issues
  • food poisoning incidents, food inspections for emergency closure of premises
  • housing issues, for example drainage problems and emergency re-housing cases
We have limited powers to deal with some noise sources, including aircraft noise, moving traffic and issues surrounding sound insulation.

Noise team factsheets

Construction sites (PDF, 150KB)

Vehicle alarms (PDF, 130KB)

Dealing with intruder alarms (PDF, 180KB)

Pursuing your own prosecution (PDF, 4KB)

Avoiding noise nuisance (PDF, 130KB)

Noisy parties (PDF, 200KB)

If you want to complain about noise, please call 020 7641 2000 (available 24 hours).

Last updated: 31 July 2017
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