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City Inspectors to visit all of Westminster’s shops

City Inspector teams have been working around the clock to make sure Covid-19 safety measures are in place.

City Inspector walking down a street in the City of Westminster.

Published: 20 January 2021

Westminster City Council’s City Inspector teams have been working around the clock as part of our programme to visit each and every open shop and supermarket in the city to make sure Covid-19 safety measures are in place. The inspectors, who are working to be a continued public presence around the city during national lockdown measures, have been successful in reminding residents, visitors, shops and local businesses of the current covid-19 restrictions and keeping our local communities safe.

Since the start of this programme on 15 January, 402 visits have been made to shops across the city.

As well as reminding people of the current rules, City Inspectors are also an essential source of support and advice for our local businesses, working with owners and staff to ensure that they continue to trade whilst following safety guidelines and key public health guidance. 

In addition to the ongoing programme to visit local shops in Westminster, the 24/7 service has been also been tasked with responding to the small but worrying trend of illegal parties and gatherings around the city, despite the vast majority of residents and businesses following covid-19 rules. Working around the clock, city inspectors have been able to quickly respond to reports of parties and gatherings during lockdown, and with the support of police, have successfully intervened, dispersed attendees, and ensured that enforcement action is taken against organisers. 

Outside of their essential role during the pandemic, Westminster’s city inspectors also perform a variety of roles throughout the city, providing a 24/7 service across all wards in the borough. They deal with concerns around anti-social behaviour, irresponsible business practices and licensing issues. 

They also ensure that:

  • there is a visible service available to quickly and effectively address minor on-street problems
  • street markets are clean, well-managed and safe
  • local communities are able to work collaboratively with relevant council services and partners
  • community confidence and community engagement are improving
  • local businesses and residents are aware of their responsibilities to their neighbourhood and local environment

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