City Inspectors

City Inspectors perform a variety of roles throughout the City of Westminster, providing a 24/7 service across all wards in the borough. They deal with concerns around anti-social behaviourirresponsible business practices and licensing issues. 

They also ensure that:

  • there is a visible service available to quickly and effectively address minor on-street problems
  • street markets are clean, well-managed and safe
  • local communities are able to work collaboratively with relevant council services and partners
  • community confidence and community engagement are improving
  • local businesses and residents are aware of their responsibilities to their neighbourhood and local environment

City Inspectors work to improve compliance across all wards and act as an advocate for the local community, supporting both residents and businesses. For street based issues, they are assisted by designated highways inspectorate officers who work within similar ward boundaries.

Local City Inspectors

Local City Inspectors work on a day shift basis, from Monday to Friday. The team investigates breaches of waste legislation, littering/fouling and illegal dumping. They promote compliance with the use of warnings and enforcement through fixed penalty notices and prosecution, where appropriate. They respond to environmental crime issues and anti-social behaviour on the street, making enforcements as required. They engage with local businesses and residents, working with them and partners to ensure effective neighbourhood management.

Reactive City Inspectors

Reactive City Inspectors work shifts to provide a 24/7 service. In addition to the type of work undertaken by Local City Inspectors, they will also address the serious issue of illegal street trading including hotdog trolleys, flower sellers, ticket touts, street artists and performers, and various other forms of aggressive illegal trading and begging.

Market Inspectors 

Market Inspectors work on day shift patterns. The team have a dedicated responsibility for the effective regulation of markets, pitches, portrait artists and exhibitions. They also take relevant enforcement action when required, such as against illegal street traders.

Neighbourhood Problem Solving Coordinators

Complementing the work of the City Inspectors, there are also a number of Neighbourhood Problem Solving Coordinators (NPSCs) across the City of Westminster. Their job is to address more serious and complex problems in the borough. In order to do this they liaise with relevant organisations and partners with the aim of developing strategic and practical approaches to resolving problematic neighbourhood issues. They also work in direct partnership with the police safer neighbourhoods teams and attend local tasking meetings to coordinate multi-agency approaches to problem solving across the wards.

If you have any issues that you wish to report, please call the Environmental Action Line on 020 7641 2000.
Last updated: 6 April 2016