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Comment on a licence application

Submit your comment online for some applications

Some of the applications we receive allow for a period of time during which representations or objections can be lodged.

This time frame is usually set by the relevant legislation for the specific licensing regime.

You can submit a comment online, by email or by post.

Your contact details will not be published in the public domain, however your name and address will be provided to the applicant. The service will not accept anonymous representations, unless exceptional circumstances are provided in accordance with the guidance at the time of your original representation. Please see paragraphs 9.25 to 9.29 in the guidance for specific information.

Comment online

The quickest way to comment is to search for an application and then submit your comments online.

When you make a comment online you will receive an immediate email acknowledgement.

Search applications

If you are receiving an error message when attempting to login to MyWestminster or Public Access please see the guide below. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



  • find the application you’d like to comment on via the 'Search applications' button above
  • click on the relevant application and view the application form, documents and any submitted plans
  • make a comment by clicking on the 'Comments' tab, filling out the form and pressing 'submit' or 'submit and register'

If you encounter any difficulties when trying to make a comment, please view our guide:

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Comment by email or post

You can also make comments relating to licensing applications by email or post:

Licensing Advice Project

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau’s Licensing Advice Project can provide advice and guidance for residents of Westminster who wish to make a complaint or comment on a licensing matter.

View more information on this service or contact the Licensing Advice Project

What happens next

At the end of the consultation period we will send all comments received to the applicant or their representatives and will include your name and address details. This forms part of the application process and encourages mediation between all parties.

Additionally, all comments submitted and not withdrawn will form part of the Licensing Sub-Committee report, which is a public document however your name and address will be redacted. 

Please note that each licensing regime has specific requirements relating to representations or objections and comments that do not relate to these requirements may not be considered when a decision is being made on the application.

If you have any questions regarding the criteria for making representations or objections, please contact the Licensing Team by emailing [email protected]

Published: 18 January 2022

Last updated: 30 April 2024