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Dogs and animal welfare

Find information on lost and stray dogs, microchipping, the animal warden service, and reporting animal welfare issues.

Animal warden service

The animal warden service deals with all requests about stray dogs, collections, claiming your dog, kennelling, and rehoming.

Responsible dog ownership

Advice about dog ownership including welfare, aggressive and barking dogs and neutering.

Microchipping your dog

Information on dog microchipping and how to get your dog microchipped for free by our animal wardens.

Report dog fouling

Tell us about a dog fouling problem.

How to claim your dog

If your dog has been lost or reported as a stray, see how you can collect them and what fees you need to pay.

Pets and their welfare

Advice on buying and keeping pets and how to care for them, plus how animals can be good for you and your family.

Stray and lost dogs

Find out what to do if you lose your dog, or see a stray dog.

Pet welfare in an emergency

Find out how and what you can do to protect your pets in an emergency.

Pets and their wellbeing

Read the 5 welfare needs of animals, as well as links to advice, licence and policies.

Animal nuisance

Use this form to report an animal nuisance such as aggressive or barking dogs, persistent fouling and irresponsible owners.

Animal welfare events - community engagement

Find out about our animal welfare events, including free microchipping and general health checks.