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Volunteer stories

Since the start of the pandemic, more than 5,000 Westminster residents have volunteered with Westminster Connects. They have carried out various acts of kindness, such as shopping, walking companionship, dog walking, gardening and events. Here are some of their stories.


I've been volunteering since October last year, helping to make positive changes in the way that you want to do it.


My family do a lot in the communities that they live in, and I always thought why don’t I do more for the community too.


It gives you the opportunity to be part of something bigger and use your own skills and knowledge to assist others.


Volunteering is not a big thing in my country. It was the first experience for me, after one year working as a volunteer with many organisations, I realized that it is so beneficial to everyone.


I first volunteered with Westminster Connects, with refugees from Afghanistan, and that was very moving. Really nice, important volunteering roles that are going to stay in my memory forever.