How to join a library

Join Westminster's libraries

When you pick up your card at your local library, please bring proof of your address such as:

  • a recent utilities bill (last six months)
  • rent/child benefit/pension book
  • current driving licence
  • bank/credit card statement (last six months)
  • building society book.

Anyone 16 years old or above can join free of charge as an adult member provided they have proof of their permanent address anywhere in the UK.

Once you join, you can use the service immediately - here's a summary of what's on offer to library members.

Membership types

Short stay membership

If you are living in short-term accommodation, you can apply for either short stay membership or a visitor's subscription membership.

Guest member

If you are visiting Westminster and unable to provide proof of a UK address, you can join as a guest member. You can use our computers and online resources free of charge for one month but you will be unable to borrow books. You will need to provide proof of identity eg a passport, identity card, etc.

Children and young people

Under 16s cannot join online unless a parent, carer or guardian does so on their behalf.

6 to 15 year olds

Once a parent, carer or guardian signs the form to confirm the child's details, the child must also have one of the following:

  • a parent/guardian/carer/teacher with them to confirm the signature and address on the application form
  • proof of their parent's or guardian's name and address (ie anything listed for adults membership listed above)
  • the application form stamped by their school confirming the details

5 year olds and under

A parent, guardian or carer must complete the form for the child and sign the form for them.

Library contact details

See the contact details of all Westminster libraries

Last updated: 9 August 2016