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Estate services

Learn about the standards for cleaning and maintenance on our estates as well as useful information related to recycling.

Published on: 8 January 2021

Last updated: 25 January 2021

Our estates are cleaned and maintained by our contracting partners:

  • cleaning provided by Pinnacle (if you live in Soho, Westminster City Council caretakers carry out cleaning in this area)
  • grounds maintenance (gardening) provided by Continental Landscapes (South and Central areas) and Pinnacle (North and West areas). If you live in Lillington and Longmoore Gardens, our in-house gardening team manage the grounds 
  • tree maintenance provided by Westminster City Council
  • pest control provided by Westminster City Council

Standards are checked every month and a percentage score is awarded for each estate based on nationally recognised criteria.

Residents can also manage estate services themselves. Find out more about Local Management Agreements.

Recycling on your estate

Mixed recycling

Please only put the following in your mixed recycling bins:

  • any plastic bottles, pots tubs and trays, including yoghurt pots and microwaveable trays
  • any glass bottles and jars of any colour, including jar lids
  • paper and card, including cereal boxes, junk mail, telephone directories and cardboard boxes
  • any empty food tins, drink cans and aerosols
  • any wax-lined, plastic lined and foiled lined cartons including milk cartons Tetra Paks

Please remember to rinse your jars, cans and bottles and flatten any boxes.

Read more about recycling in Westminster


Please use the chutes or bin rooms on your estate to throw away your rubbish. Do not put your rubbish in the recycling bins.
The following items should be thrown out as rubbish:

  • food waste
  • black bags/ general rubbish
  • other plastics such as cling film and polystrene
  • garden waste including flowers and waste from plant pots
  • kitchenware.

Recycling textiles, small electrical items and books

Please do not put textiles (clothes, shoes and fabrics), small electrical items (such as hairdryers, kettles or radios) and books into the mixed recycling bins on your estate.

These items should be taken to our on-street recycling bins instead.

To find your nearest on-street bins, please visit:


Do not put your batteries into the mixed recycling bins. Instead please take them to your local library to be recycled.

A to Z of recycling

Bulky waste collection

To find out how to get rid of larger items on your estate, such as mattresses, tables and washing machines, please contact your area service centre or call 0800 358 3783.

Win prizes for recycling

The council is running a community incentive scheme for people who recycle on their estate. The more you recycle, the more prizes you win for your community.

Further information about the In It To Win It scheme

Find out more in our recycling leaflet.

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