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What is cuckooing?

Cuckooing is a new type of crime where criminal gangs exploit vulnerable people. The most common form of cuckooing is where drug dealers take over someone’s home and use it to store, use or sell drugs. It takes the name from cuckoo birds who take over the nests of other birds.

Signs that cuckooing may be going on at a property include a change in behaviour of the resident, an increase in visitors to their property, an increase in anti-social behaviour and signs of drug use.

Everyone has the right to feel safe from crime.

In an emergency, always call 999. If you are worried about cuckooing, you can report it to police on 101, or online at If you don’t want to give your name, you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

You can also contact the housing service on:
Call: 0800 358 3783 (direct)
Email: [email protected]

For more information: County lines | The Met

Published: 6 May 2021

Last updated: 2 October 2023