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Moving out of your home

What to do when you are moving out of your home.

Published on: 6 January 2021

Last updated: 28 April 2022

Flexible ownership

If you would like to buy your home but can’t afford to buy it outright then the Flexible Ownership scheme may be able to help.

Flexible Ownership allows you to buy a percentage of your home and then the rent you pay for the part of the property you don't buy is reduced accordingly.  The larger share you buy, the less you will pay in rent.

The smallest share of your home you can buy is 25%. You can usually get a discount on the share you buy. The maximum discount - if you buy your home outright - is £112,300. You can buy a larger share of the property at a later date if you wish.

Most secure Westminster City Council tenants will qualify but the scheme is not available to tenants on the Grosvenor Estate.

How does the scheme work?

You must qualify to buy your home, either under Right to Buy or the Discretionary scheme. We will have the property valued and send you an offer of sale, and you will then have four months to complete the purchase of your share.

Westminster City Council will still own the share you do not buy, and you will pay rent on this share. You become a leaseholder but only pay a part of any service charges or major works costs.

For further information or to request an application form:

If you have been a tenant with Westminster City Council, or another acceptable landlord, for more than two years - or more than five years if you became a tenant after 17 January 2005 - you will need to apply for Right to Buy first.

Please complete and return the application form located on the right to buy page or also located in the related document section below. We will send you a form to apply for Flexible Ownership when we confirm that you are eligible for Right to Buy.

If you have been a tenant for fewer than five years with Westminster City Council, or another acceptable landlord, you can apply for the Discretionary Scheme, and should tick the box for Flexible Ownership on the application form.


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