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How to bid for social housing

There are various ways you can bid for a property, please follow the instructions or download one of our booklets.

Published on: 31 December 2020

Last updated: 31 December 2020

Bidding online

  • follow the links to ‘Home Connections’. Select login at the top of the Choice Based Lettings (CBL) home page.
  • enter your User ID and PIN numbers. Select 'login'.
  • A ‘Welcome to Westminster’s CBL’ page will open giving you information about bidding as well as other important information. Please make sure you read this page each time you log in as the information may change.
  • press ‘continue’ to proceed to your account details showing your current status, priority points, registered date, bedroom size required, mobility category, priority list, date of birth and last log in date.
  • click on ‘see all properties’.
  • use the ‘bedroom’ and ‘area’ filters to browse the available properties that week. Select ‘more details’ to view additional property information and if you are interested in bidding for the property select ‘place a bid’. If your bid has been submitted successfully a message will appear saying ‘Your bid has been placed’.
  • you will also see your ‘current bidding position’. Please note that your bidding position will only be accurate at the time you place your bid. We will prioritise households for some properties based on certain criteria, particularly for properties suitable for people with mobility needs. The property notes will highlight any special rules