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Your feedback is important to us. Your experience counts and helps us improve Adult Social Care for all.

You can contact the customer feedback team by:

Feedback process

We will ensure the service you receive is not affected. When you make a complaint, we will:

  • go through the details of your comment or complaint and agree a reasonable date for response (this is usually 10 working days unless the issues are complex)
  • provide you with support if you need help to make a comment or complaint
  • explain the complaints process to you
  • write to you within 3 working days to let you know who is handling your complaint
  • take your comment or complaint seriously and make sure you receive a full and fair response 
  • let you know if we need more time and agree an alternative timescale with you
  • advise and support you if your complaint is about another body acting on our behalf

Please note that the usual time limit for making your complaint is 12 months from the date you became aware of the problem. 


Last updated: 20 March 2018