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Fixed Penalty Notice (FPNs) for advertisement boards

Find out about Fixed Penalty Notices for advertisements boards placed on public highways.

Notice of intent to prosecute incorporating a fixed penalty notice is issued to businesses that use Advertisement Boards (‘A’ boards) and other forms of advertising boards placed on the public highway.

This includes ‘A’ boards that are attached to highway property. It does not include ‘A’ boards sited on private property, land, or forecourt.  

We do not authorise the use of ‘A’ boards anywhere on the public highway and they are classed as illegal advertisements. They are detrimental to the character and amenities of the street environment, by adding clutter. We operate a zero-tolerance approach to all ‘A’ boards, placed on the public highway.

A pilot scheme will be run for three months within the Marylebone ward area. If successful it will be launched city wide. 

Businesses who are not adhering to the the advertisement board policy will be issued an enforcement notice. A revisit will take place two days later to confirm compliance. Businesses that have received warning letters in the past 12 months will be issued with a notice of intent to prosecute incorporating a fixed penalty notice. 

We will no longer accept representations in respect to these new notices, instead an alleged offender will be able to respond to the allegation under caution. The new notices contain an explanation of how to respond under caution in Part C and a questionnaire is attached to the notice in Part D. 

How to pay a FPN

You can pay your ‘A’ board fixed penalty notice online or phone: 020 7641 2210 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. 

Pay FPN online

Please input your reference number and amount due as stated on the letter when paying the fine to ensure that the payment is allocated to the appropriate case. 

Cost of a Fixed Penalty Notice

An FPN is issued for the amount £100. An early payment discount of £50 will apply if the fixed penalty is paid before the expiration of a period of ten [10] calendar days from the date of service of the penalty notice.

Making a representation against your FPN

There is no formal appeal process under the London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2003, however, written representation against your fixed penalty notice (FPN) will be investigated. 

This process is for FPNs only. We will not reply to representations against warning notices. 

Read our data protection notice  before submitting your representation to learn about how the council complies with data protection laws when processing your data. 

Published: 30 September 2022

Last updated: 30 September 2022