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Trading Standards

Find out more about consumer protection legislation and how we work to achieve a fair, safe trading environment.

Information on Trading Standards

Consumer protection legislation and how we work to achieve a fair, safe trading environment with informed and confident consumers.

Product safety

If you import, produce or distribute goods, including second-hand, the law states they must be safe for the consumer to use.

Environmental protection

Whilst Trading Standards is not the primary enforcement agency for all environmental matters, we can enforce certain legislation.

Illicit tobacco

Guidance on the law covering tobacco products.

Weights and measures

Guidance on packaged goods, weighing and measuring equipment, prescribed quantities, quantity marking, and units of measure.

Age restricted products

Age restrictions apply to the sale of certain products and services, including alcohol, tobacco, blades, fireworks, and sunbeds.

Fair trading and pricing

Trading Standards enforces a wide range of legislation which ensures goods and services we purchase are described truthfully.

Scams during coronavirus

Find out how the pandemic is being used to scam members of the public, and how you can stay safe

Scams affecting consumers and businesses

Find out about common types of scams and how to stay safe.

Loan scams - bogus loans, loan sharks and payday loans

Find out more information about loan scams and how to stay safe when loaning money

Ticket fraud

Find information about ticket fraud, how to identify if and scam theatre tickets.

Protecting yourself against bogus callers

Find out how to protect yourself from bogus callers.

Virtual offices

Find out about relevant legislation and guidance to operating a virtual office