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Doing business with us

Information about invoices, purchase orders and payments for suppliers to the council.

We operate a 'no purchase order (PO) no pay' policy. Our staff must raise a PO before receiving goods or services. Once the PO is approved, it will be issued to the supplier who must quote the PO number on subsequent invoices for payment. 

Standard purchase order terms and conditions

If you are a supplier, you need to register for our supplier self-service in order to be able check the status of invoices, purchase orders and payments. You can also upload invoices, raise enquiries and change your business details using this self-service system. 

Payments to suppliers are managed through the Integrated Business Centre (IBC) based in Hampshire. To ensure that you are paid promptly, please check that the information in your invoice is correct against the purchase order and that it includes the information required. Do not send an invoice without a purchase order number as all invoices without a valid and correct purchase order number are returned.  

Further guidance on getting paid promptly


Published: 22 December 2020

Last updated: 18 January 2021