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Weekend rapid response cleansing service

Find out about our rapid response cleansing service.

We have introduced a weekend rapid response street cleansing service focusing on residential streets in response to over 140 street sweeping requests received over the past year. The introduction of new Electric Assisted Vehicle (EAV) bikes will keep our streets clean, reduce carbon emissions and reduce noise complaints.  

In the past year we have received various complaints concerning street cleansing standards at weekends in areas like Bayswater, Harrow Road and Queens Park, Marylebone, Maida Vale and Little Venice, and Pimlico.

With over £117,000 allocated to the service on an annual basis, we will address the immediate concerns with street cleansing standards over the weekends.

For example residential streets such as: Bickenhall Street, Rampayne Street and Park West Place. 

New Electric AssistedVehicle (EAV) bikes

We are currently introducing a new electric street cleansing vehicle fleet to reduce carbon emission and noise complaints whilst tackling hotspot locations, especially within residential streets.  

The new EAV bikes will operate out of five different street cleansing depots with a focus on the following areas:  

  • Pimlico  
  • Marylebone 
  • Bayswater  
  • Queens Park and Harrow Road  
  • Maida Vale and St Johns Wood  

The EAV bikes are currently being manufactured and will launch in March 2022. They will be used to carry out frequent checks at likely littering locations such as bus stops, benches, areas around fast-food takeaways, by the service to deliver rapid response.  

With five mobile litter-picking operatives on electric bikes being introduced, the service will provide rapid responses and together we can keep our streets clean and the city tidy. You can make any street cleansing request at any time via Report it.  

Published: 17 February 2022

Last updated: 17 February 2022