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Walden House

Walden House is a block of 40 flats in Belgravia which Westminster City Council leases from the Grosvenor Group to house tenants.

Grosvenor intend to redevelop a number of their buildings in the area which will include Walden House once the council’s lease has ended in 2021. We have agreed with Grosvenor to extend this lease by 2 years to June 2023 to allow the council time to find suitable new homes for all residents.

Every secure tenant has the right to return to the new development, subject to planning approval, and all residents of Walden House will be offered properties within the City of Westminster. Housing relocation officers are in regular touch with residents to support them with their move.

Resident information

If you are a resident and wish to find out more about your rehousing options, please read our booklet detailing the council’s offer to you, including the full rehousing process.

Walden House residents: support with your move (PDF, 2MB)

Please be aware that as a precaution in the light of the Government's advice around COVID-19, the regular housing drop-ins at Walden House have been canceled until further notice.

For any queries, please contact our housing relocation officer directly, using the following details:

Celene Escorce

Last updated: 27 November 2020