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  • /./. Cavendish Square Gardens. workspace/images/cavendish-3953.jpg, 800, 1200././workspace/images/cavendish-3951.jpg, 1200, 910././workspace/images/cavendish-3949.jpg, 800, 1200././workspace/images/cavendish-3945.jpg, 1200,
  • 020 7641 6180. Or click here to browse categories. Choose your sector. Westminster City Council is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents, businesses and to those who visit Westminster. Placing waste and recycling out for
  • /. Drury Lane Gardens is an attractive small park located in the heart of London’s Theatre land. Ebury Square provides a quiet shaded oasis amidst the very busy environment of Victoria Coach Station. Edbrooke Road Gardens, W9. A small local park
  • Make sure you're aware of where you can and can't park in Westminster, including bay types and zones, using your resident permit.
  • /. Paddington Recreation Ground 07.00 hours. Victoria Embankment Gardens 07.30 hours. Lower Grovenor Gardens 10.00 hours. All other Parks, Gardens and Open Spaces: 08.00 hours. End of British summer time to 15 February 16.30 hours. 16 February to
  • Mimosa Mimosa Acacia dealbata Park Crescent Mews West././search-by-map/index.html Planted about 20 years ago, and now a focal point in the Mews. ... Swamp Cypress Swamp Cypress Taxodium distichum George Eliot School, Marlborough Hill
  • /./. Talbot Square Gardens. workspace/images/talbot-square-15.jpg, 2304, 3072././workspace/images/talbot-square-13.jpg, 2304, 3072././workspace/images/talbot-square-08.jpg, 3072, 2304././workspace/images/talbot-square-06.jpg, 3072,
  • /. Swamp Cypress. A coniferous tree displaying stunning autumn colour. View from Finchley Road approx. 100 yards south of junction with Boundary Road NW8. This vibrant public park is part of the chain of open spaces along Victoria Embankment,
  • /./. Kensal Wharf Open Space. A small open space situated between The Harrow Road and the Grand Union canal at the base of Ha’ Penny Bridge Steps. The site is currently under construction so temporarily not accessible or open to the public. If you