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Safety information for local communities

Information about demonstrations and advice for communities on staying safe.

Demonstrations and major events in central London

There are often major events and demonstrations in central London.

Whilst any protest will be managed by the police and other partners, they may have an impact on the communities around them. We are working closely with the police and partners to ensure the safety of everyone who may be impacted by these actions.

We would also encourage residents and businesses to follow the Met Police's social media feeds to keep up to date with the latest information from them about what's happening on the ground @metpoliceuk

For the latest on any travel disruption, follow @TfL on Twitter/X.

Follow us on Twitter/XFacebookNextdoor and Instagram for updates from the council.

Keeping residents and businesses safe

Our City Inspectors remain visible and working across Westminster, ensuring we are there to support residents and businesses.

The council and our contractors are on hand to ensure the streets are cleaned and any graffiti and stickers removed. Anything offensive or that might constitute a criminal offence will be reported to the police, and removal will be expedited in line with usual practices.

If you see any racist or hate material, please report this immediately to the police by calling 101 and online us via the report-it app so that we can arrange to have this removed. This is monitored over the weekend so swift action can be taken.

We continue to work with the Metropolitan Police Service to plan for and take action to keep everyone safe. The Metropolitan Police has said that Londoners will see more police officers on the streets across the capital to reassure and protect communities, particularly those who have been affected, and we fully support them with this work. We are also reaching out to local groups to offer whatever support we can.

How we are supporting faith groups in Westminster

The council is working with the police and other agencies to support faith groups in Westminster.

Neighbourhood police officers and our city inspectors will continue to provide practical safety advice and visible reassurance to all communities in the city.

If venues are concerned about their security, in the first instance, they should be encouraged to contact specialists within the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). 

The council has strong links with the MPS, and our Community Safety and Highways teams work closely with the MPS and venues to consider recommendations related to the public realm.

We're doing everything we can to keep people in the city safe.

Information about hate crimes and how to report them

If you have been the subject of a hate crime, here is information from the police about what to do:

  • if someone is in immediate danger or needs support right away, then dial 999.
  • hate crime can be reported online, by 101 phone or at a police station.
  • if you've seen something on a website or social media that promotes hatred or violence against a particular group, use the police's online form to report it.

Keeping up to date

Stay up to date by following the Metropolitan Police's main social media account: @metpoliceuk

Alternatively, follow us on X, formerly known as Twitter, for local updates.

Published: 13 October 2023

Last updated: 2 February 2024