Things to know about rough sleeping

Rough sleeping is a complicated problem to solve. That’s why we work around the clock with our charity partners to offer accommodation and support services that help people to rebuild their lives.

Rough sleeping: the facts

Being homeless means to have nowhere permanent and safe to call a home. Rough sleeping is a type of homelessness where someone finds themselves sleeping on the streets

People who sleep rough are more likely to face physical and emotional abuse. Long-term exposure to the elements can lead to severe medical conditions

Hostels in Westminster are free at the point of access to people who are sleeping rough and willing to engage with local services

Many organisations across London provide free food to rough sleepers. Our services offer food alongside clothing, medical care, job searching and further support

The hard truth is giving money to people begging can prevent them from engaging with support and may end up keeping them on the streets for longer

By donating money to local services and registered charities, you can help provide the long term support people need to turn their lives around

If you would like to help

With your kind donations, our hidden network of dedicated professionals and volunteers can continue transforming the lives of those who need our help the most. You can find out more about donating to our partner charities here.

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough please alert StreetLink using their app, or via the StreetLink website. This alert will help local outreach teams try to connect with those you are worried about.