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Find out about our walking strategy to encourage more walking.

Why walk?

Walking is a great mode of transport for all those who travel around Westminster. It can help to improve your health and fitness, save you money and provide environmental benefits.

There are over 500 Legible London wayfinding assets to help you find your way and to locate key destinations. Find out more about the Legible London system.

Footways London

We are working with Footways London to encourage people to walk more around the city.

The new Footways London map highlights walking routes residents can follow to move around London on foot. The map diverts people away from busy main roads and instead focuses on routes with lower levels of pollution, making it a more enjoyable, efficient and healthy way of moving around the city.

To help reduce reliance on cars in central London, Footways London have created digital and printed maps to help connect locations such as train stations and green spaces with appealing and accessible streets.

View the Footways London map

Red routes are suggested footways. Yellow routes are higher traffic, but still places of interest through the city.

Our walking strategy report

Our Walking Strategy provides a coherent vision for Westminster. It ensures that our streets and public realm spaces can keep pace with change in the city over the next decade. 

The strategy helps us to continue to provide better facilities to encourage and increase walking.

More walking helps to create better neighbourhoods for residents. It is better for businesses and is the best way to enjoy all that Westminster has to offer. 

Walking strategy summary
Walking strategy summary PDF, 1.59 MB, 16 pages
Walking strategy
Walking strategy PDF, 3.22 MB, 41 pages

Published: 15 December 2020

Last updated: 29 July 2022