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Warwick Way town centre highways scheme

Proposed improvements to the public realm and pedestrian accessibility by reducing traffic around Warwick Way and Churton Street.

The proposed scheme has been updated on 1 November 2023, to reflect changes made to the scheme following the informal consultation in December 2022. You can read about the reasons in the 'you said, we did' document at the bottom of this page.

Public realm proposals

The proposed scheme aims to improve the public space and enhance pedestrian accessibility by reducing the dominance of motor traffic on Warwick Way between Belgrave Road and Upper Tachbrook Street, and on Churton Street between Belgrave Road and Charlwood Street.

The scheme design includes proposals for one-way westbound traffic on Warwick Way, one-way northbound traffic on Churton Street and Tachbrook Street, allowing the widening of pavements on both sides.

Improvements include:

  • Footway widening on both Warwick Way and Churton Street to allow for improved pedestrian movements and to provide additional space for public space features and outdoor dining
  • One-way westbound operation on Warwick Way,  with two-way cycling permitted
  • One-way northbound operation on Churton Street, with two-way cycling permitted
  • Relocation of existing street lighting to the front of the widened footway
  • Greening of Warwick Way and Churton Street through tree planting
  • Widening of existing pedestrian crossing points to provide more space while shortening the crossing distances to make crossing easier
  • Resurfacing of the carriageway
  • New cycle stands

All improvements will enhance accessibility to make it easier for pedestrians to move around and create a more pleasant environment to spend time in.

Read an FAQs about the proposals

To receive updates about the scheme, please email [email protected]

Latest plan and proposed scheme layout

Please click below to download the latest pdf drawings which outline the current proposed scheme’s layout and plans.


TMO consultation

We are now consulting on the Traffic Management Order (TMO) around Warwick Way and Churton Street.

Find more information about the TMO.

To respond to the consultation, please email [email protected] and quote 8033/ND. The consultation will close on Wednesday 6 December 2023.


We have outlined a high-level timeframe for the proposal, subject to consultation feedback:  

  • TMO consultation, November to December 2023
  • Detailed design, January to April 2024
  • Initial work before construction begins, May 2024
  • Construction work begins, June 2024

We will work with our contractors during the next design stage to assess construction methodology to minimise disruption.

History of the scheme

The temporary alfresco dining measures were introduced in July 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide restaurants, cafes and bars with outside dining facilities within the existing carriageway.

This was achieved by making Warwick Way one-way westbound and reallocating carriageway space to increase footway widths for social distancing. Two-way traffic on Churton Street was maintained in the temporary scheme and parking bays were suspended to allow alfresco dining.

It was agreed that focusing on improvements to Warwick Way town centre would be a priority and we would develop a permanent scheme for this area.

Previous consultation

A consultation took place between August and September 2021, and there was significant support for developing a town centre vision for Pimlico including a permanent alfresco scheme. In response to this consultation, we agreed to develop a permanent scheme.

An informal public consultation then took place from December 2022 to February 2023 to seek the public’s view on the feasibility design of the permanent scheme. Results showed over 70% support for both Warwick Way and Churton Street proposals.

The consultation outcome and our responses to the objections and themes raised can be found in the ‘You Said, We Did' below:

Published: 1 November 2023

Last updated: 20 November 2023