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Consultation outcome

The future of Regent Street

Original consultation

This is the start of a conversation on Regent Street and its surroundings, to help inform the right solutions that stand the test of time and create the very best experience for everyone.

Consultation description

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Westminster City Council and The Crown Estate are working together to develop a long-term vision for the design of the public space along and around Regent Street. Westminster City Council is the local highways authority, and the Crown Estate is the landowner and custodian of the buildings on Regent Street. Together, we want to understand what matters to you for the future of Regent Street. This is ensure that Regent Street remains a vibrant place in the West End and responds to shared opportunities and challenges in a changing world. What you tell us will help to shape the future of this world-famous London destination and create the very best experience for everyone”.

Regent Street is recognised globally and is unique to London. This engagement is an opportunity for everyone to help ensure the street serves the people who live and work in the area. It will also ensure Regent Street's appeal as a destination for the millions of visitors it attracts every year from across London, the UK and around the world.  

History of the project

During the pandemic, we worked in partnership with the Crown Estate to install a temporary scheme in the interest of public safety.

Regent Street evolved as we trialled improvements to its accessibility and the general experience for all who use it. This included adding 5,000 square metres of increased pedestrian space, 330 planters, 60 new trees, accessible seating and 1.2km of cycle lanes.

What you tell us today and during this engagement until 30th August will result in a vision for the future of Regent Street.

composite of four images of Regent Street highlighting the wooden planters, a cyclist and buses using the road on a sunny day

Impact of the temporary scheme been to date

Data collected from the temporary scheme started during the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the following:

  • Air quality and traffic monitoring showed that the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels on Regent Street have remained below 40 µg/m3, which is lower than the pre-pandemic level recorded in the local area in 2018.
  • Following implementation, TfL have detected a marginal increase in the southbound bus journey times. Minor changes to kerb positions will correct this and are planned to be installed in early Autumn 2023.
  • Two-way cycling flow has increased by 5% in the morning peak hour and by 42% in the afternoon peak hour, May 2017 compared to May 2023.
  • Data for Soho shows there is 22% less traffic in the morning peak hour and 26% less traffic in the afternoon peak hour, July 2019 compared to January 2022.

Our learnings from these measures, along with what you tell us now, will shape the vision and future design for Regent Street.

Have your say

The first phase of the Regent Street programme has now closed for feedback. We'll update this page with the results of the first phase soon.


This vision will be the foundation for further engagement activities and conversations with residents, businesses, shoppers and visitors that will take place over the next year, so there will be plenty more opportunities to get involved. 

When will works on Regent Street start?

Before any works on Regent Street will start, there will be several rounds of engagement over the next two years.  The programme will be led by the level of feedback we receive, and the time needed to be able us to factor this into scheme options.

As we understand more from everyone about what the future of Regent Street should be, we will provide further updates on engagement and consultation activities, and the estimated works programme.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this engagement, please email [email protected].

Published: 6 July 2023

Last updated: 31 August 2023