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Report it review

Report it is a service provided by Westminster City Council. It allows residents and businesses to report street based issues such as dumped rubbish or faulty street lights.

In October 2022, we started reviewing how the service can better meet the needs of our residents, businesses, partners, and council staff, working closely with people who use the service.  

The Report it team has created this page to keep you up to date with our review of this service.

What we are trying to achieve

We want to deliver an outstanding service that enables our communities to report and resolve their problems.

This means listening to, understanding, and responding to the needs of our residents, businesses, and partners.

Recent activities and improvements

In October, we started to research the needs of our residents and businesses as well as those of council staff, councillors, and partners.

We identified several other areas for improvement including: 

  1. Making the experience easier and faster for anyone reporting an issue 
  2. Capturing the right information so that we can successfully resolve the issue 
  3. Ensuring anyone can receive updates and feedback on their issue 
  4. Using technology to free up our staff to focus on the human touch  
  5. Using data to improve how we predict and prevent issues

Our aim is to make valuable improvements, whenever we can. For example, we have recently improved the online map which has made it easier for residents to find the location of their issue when reporting. 

Key activities

During January, the Report it team worked on completing the development of the new waste reporting solution and started preparing for launch in February.

The team also continued working on researching and designing improvements for reporting highways issues, including user testing prototypes for reporting potholes. The team met with the highways service to identify dangerous issues in relation to road and pavement damage, and we begun creating the designs for how reporting these issues will happen in the future.

Lastly, following user testing of the Report it landing page categories with residents in December, the team analysed the results to inform on how the categories can be improved in the near future.

During December the Report It Team continued working on improvements to the waste reporting journey, which included the new reporting assistant and form options. We worked closely with our partner to utilise image recognition and AI to improve the overall user experience. We expect this to be live in early 2024.

The team also made progress with our Highways service improvements having reviewed the current way customers report street repairs and damage to pavements. We prepared some prototypes to test with users early in 2024.

Lastly, the team worked on the Report It landing page structure. They tested category names with residents last month.

The Report it team launched the new noise reporting form on 1 November 2023. This included how reports are processed, making it clearer what happens after submitting a report. We also published new content to describe what types of noise complaints we are able to enforce against. 

The team continued working on improvements to the waste reporting journey which is expected to be delivered in early 2024. This includes the use of AI to reduce the effort to report issues. Our user researchers completed some testing with residents on the waste reporting categories at Pimlico Library and gathered valuable insights into how we could make the journey better. 

Lastly, the Report it team began working on the next service to be improved, highways. Our team of service designers and user researchers began to document the entire journey for how various highways reports currently occur with a view to improving how you report highways issues in the future. 

The Report it team analysed the results from our redesigned landing page testing. This revealed that users spent less time on the landing page due to the addition of a search feature, which allowed users to find a reporting category more easily. The redesigned landing page was implemented based on our research and testing.

The team also carried out the final testing and preparations of the new noise reporting forms with users. 

In addition, the team continued to plan and develop improvements for waste reporting planned for release early next year. This will feature a new chat style reporting option alongside the more traditional reporting form and both will include the use of AI to reduce the time it takes to create a report.

Finally, we held a report it showcase event at City Hall on 30th October where the team were able to present the report it journey over the last six months. We captured valuable feedback from residents that will help inform our future plans. Access the presentation from the stakeholder event:


The Report it team launched a redesigned webpage to half of our users to test whether it provides a quicker way to start a report than the existing page. This also contained a new search feature and a new category list in alphabetical order that will make it easier for customers to find what issue they are reporting to us.

The team also completed the development and started testing the new noise reporting forms, designed with improved guidance and a more modern user interface. 

In conjunction with our AI partner, we completed the work to create the new chat and image recognition experiment aimed at making it easier and quicker to report. This was developed from an idea given to us by residents. They wanted the ability to make a report from just taking a photo.

Finally, the Report it team carried out prototype testing with users around other new features to be developed in the coming months. Email [email protected] if you would like to get involved.

The Report it team started development of the landing page improvements which will include quicker ways to navigate a category and start the reporting journey. The team also started to develop the new noise reporting forms which will provide users with improved guidance and a more modern user interface.

The team also planned an experiment to test the use of AI-enabled chat and image recognition to streamline the reporting journey. If you have signed up to receive updates or assisted us with the discovery you will receive information on how to get involved with testing shortly. Finally, the team started to plan the longer-term improvements following the high-level design work in June and July.

The team completed the designs for improvements to the landing page as well as the new noise reporting forms. They also continued work to design the longer-term improvements to the solution.

The Report it team has worked with residents to prototype and test ways to improve the landing page and Noise reporting form. This has given the team a clear way forward to start to streamline the experience for reporters. The team has also begun to plan the longer-term improvements for Report it, including new features and technology.

The Report it team worked with the noise service to improve the report a noise online form. We made prototypes and shared these with residents for their feedback. This work included short term changes, but will also support longer term improvements to how residents can report issues online.

The team shared the research findings on 6 and 7 March 2023 with residents, staff and partners to ensure we are focussing on the right problems. View the findings below:


Report it summary for residents
Report it summary for residents PDF, 1.57 MB, 18 pages

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