Report fraud

Details of the person committing the fraud

There is a limit of 2000 characters.

Details of the fraud

Please use as much detail as possible, for example, "Mr X is claiming benefits, but is working as a builder for Y company and can be seen travelling to work at 8am and returning at 6pm in work clothes ." There is a limit of 2000 characters.

We may use your information to let you know when the case is complete or to request more information. We won't share this information with anyone outside of the Westminster Fraud Team.

Supporting evidence

You can upload up to 5 photos or documents of supporting evidence. Files must be smaller than 10MB. We accept doc, jpeg, rtf, bmp, pdf, tif, docx, tiff, jpg, pptx, xxps or ppt files.

Read our data protection notice to learn about how the council complies with data protection laws when processing your data.

Last updated: 25 January 2017