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Fixed penalty notice (FPNs)

Fixed penalty notices are issued to residents and businesses when waste is incorrectly handled. Find out how to pay them online.

Published: 20 January 2021

Last updated: 20 June 2022

Fixed penalty notices (FPN) are issued to residents and businesses when waste is incorrectly handled. 

Examples of incorrect handling of waste include: 

  • disposing of waste outside the designated waste collection time
  • fly-tipping
  • putting commercial waste in ordinary black sacks instead of a Westminster or private collector’s commercial waste sack
  • not complying with Section 47 of Environmental Protection Act 1990
Section 47 notice, May 2022 PDF, 328.76 KB, 2 pages

FPNs are issued by City inspectors.

New waste enforcement system

Under the new system, offenders will now be issued with a notice of intent to prosecute incorporating a fixed penalty notice.

We will no longer accept representations in respect to these new notices, instead an alleged offender will be able to respond to the allegation under caution. The new notices contain an explanation of how to respond under caution in Part C and a questionnaire is attached to the notice in Part D. 

There are exceptions where only a fixed penalty notice will be issued, these include:

  • littering - both general and litter from smoking
  • waste transfer notices
  • dog fouling offences

Please note that littering, smoking, dog fouling and waste transfer notices will still be subject to representation rather than a response under caution.

Residential offences involving the disposing of waste outside the designated waste collection time or in the wrong receptacle such as food waste in a recycling bag, will also be subject to a new procedure as outlined below:

  • a formal warning notice – effective for 12 months from date of offence
  • notice of intent
  • final notice incorporating a fixed penalty notice

The final notice is subject to appeal at a first tier tribunal.

How to pay a fixed penalty notice

Payment can be made online.  

Remember to click the 'done' button in the last step to complete the payment transaction. 

Pay an FPN online

How to avoid FPNs

FPNs are easily avoided by disposing your rubbish correctly. 

Read our guide to disposing rubbish

More information

The council's waste enforcement policy has been in practice since 2016 and was reviewed in October 2020. 

Waste enforcement policy 2020 PDF, 774.24 KB, 13 pages

If you have enquiries about FPNs, call the Street Management team on 020 7641 8914.

Making a representation against your FPN

Make a representation

There is no formal appeal process under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, however, written representation against your fixed penalty notice (FPN) will be investigated.

This process is for FPNs only. We won't reply to representations against warning notices.

Check the collection times for your street before submitting the form.

Or pay your FPN online

Read our data protection notice before submitting your representation to learn about how the council complies with data protection laws when processing your data.