Promote your business with Westminster City Save

Promote and grow your business among Westminster’s 250,000 residents through the council’s City Save scheme.

City Save is completely free to take part in, by offering an ongoing discount to Westminster residents we can offer the following promotion:

  • a dedicated listing on the Westminster City Save website
  • your promotion will be advertised in our fortnightly enewsletter to 60,000 subscribers
  • promotion through our social media channels to 12,000 subscribers/likes
  • potential to feature in our resident publications, such as the Westminster Reporter which is direct mailed to up to 120,000 households and available at all council run facilities

'Almost a third of people came to our event as a result of featuring in your newsletter. I will definitely get in touch with future offers.' - Tate Britain

'After our workshops were listed in the enewsletter, our workshops were fully sold out within 24 hours. We were struggling to fill the spaces prior to that!' - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 

To see examples of previous offers and get your business noticed visit Westminster City Save or contact

Last updated: 13 June 2016