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Environmental policies, regulations and guidance

Our environmental policies, how we apply regulations, how to report noise complaints and what noise complaints we investigate.

Noise pollution

Find out how to report a noise problem and about the types of noise we can and cannot investigate.

Code of Construction Practice

Westminster's Code of Construction Practice (CoCP) applies to all basement and major development sites throughout Westminster

Contaminated land

We can perform and environmental search for a property to find out whether it may have caused some soil contamination.

Lead Local Flood Authority and Environment Agency advice

Find out about Westminster's role as Lead Local Flood Authority and about Environment Agency pre-application advice.

Air quality

Find out what we’re doing to improve the air quality in Westminster.

Water pollution

Find the correct organisation for reporting water pollution in Westminster.

Westminster's Biodiversity Action Plan

Read about how we’re protecting and promoting our biodiversity.

Smoke, dust, odour, or light pollution

Find out about how to report an air quality or pollution problem, including the types of issues we can and cannot investigate.